BAristello rebranding

branding — 2021


The mandate for this project was to rebrand an intimate Italian café named Baristello, located in the heart of Montreal.



The goal for this project was to give Baristello, an intimate Italian coffee shop, a new identity that still matches the demographic of their current one. The struggle was in creating an identity that keeps their current clientele in mind but is equally as inviting to newer ones.

Mockup of stationeryMockup of stationeryFlat mockupLogo gridTypographyColorStorefrontInside cafeMugsCoffee packagingSandwichFood truckFood to goBoxCool merch guyMerch flatMerch flat


The bean was one of the most frustrating yet satisfying things I ever had to work on. Finding the right shape, tone of voice and feeling was difficult. It took me multiple attempts. What really helped me understand the direction of this brand was looking at vintage Italian typography and using that as inspiration.


By far my most challenging project to date, but also one of my favorites. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and I think I did a good job at finding the line between contemporary and vintage.