Suicide Prevention Month Poster

Poster Design — 2020


The mandate for this project was to create a poster for suicide awareness.

Mockup of poster


The difficult part about that was how sensitive the topic of suicide is. There were many different options on the table such as darker posters, or overly optimistic ones. What took me the most amount of time was finding a healthy middle and representing suicide in a realistic sense.

Flat poster


I chose the telephone because it is a very important tool for communication and I felt it was vital to include it in there as communication (or lack thereof) is often a big part of depression. The ‘vintageness’ of an old corded home phone made the photograph feel much more grounded than a smartphone could have done.


The poster turned out much better than I had anticipated. I was not sure which concept or idea I would end up going with as I had many different options. A few weeks before the deadline, I decided to have an impromptu shoot with a friend of mine and it was the best thing I could have done for the project.