steroid abuse awareness poster

Poster Design — 2021


The mandate for this project was to create a poster that sheds light on steroid abuse.

Mockup of poster


The real challenge in this lied in finding a way to represent the issue of steroids in a way that hasn't been done before. Usually, they're quite cheesy and predictable but I wanted something that was extremely graphic and visual. The most difficult part of the project was coming up with a single, short word that could represent the issue in its entirety.

Flat poster


This was my first time working with illustration and i was very hesitant on doing so but it was a fun experience for me. Something worth mentioning is the caption on the poster spells out "RIP" and "PED" which stands for "Rest in peace" and "Performance enhancing drugs" respectively.


Overall, this was an interesting process, especially, as I mentioned because it was my first time working with illustration. I'm very pleased with the results considering it's an issue quite close to me.